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Savah.. Lounging in the Forests :iconstalindc:StalinDC 51 9
Jonica The Fairy.. Josara's sister :iconstalindc:StalinDC 103 15 Jo.. Spring Is Late :iconstalindc:StalinDC 44 5 Before the Dragon.. :iconstalindc:StalinDC 62 3 Nathalie Emmanuel as Kayla Dragonshammer :iconstalindc:StalinDC 30 4 Black Dragons... Attack! :iconstalindc:StalinDC 46 6 Josara The Fairy and Kaylor The Black Dragon :iconstalindc:StalinDC 26 5 Josara, Kaylor and Nemesis.. To The Rescue! :iconstalindc:StalinDC 33 10 Josara...The Adventurer! :iconstalindc:StalinDC 80 13
Mature content
Savah and Bek... Spirit of the Forests! :iconstalindc:StalinDC 73 9
Mature content
Orc Smashers! :iconstalindc:StalinDC 80 16
Centurion Atius... 5th Legion :iconstalindc:StalinDC 33 4 Kaylor..Forging Armor for The Black Dragons :iconstalindc:StalinDC 40 8 Raia Reclines! :iconstalindc:StalinDC 102 13 Marius.. Aidonnali General :iconstalindc:StalinDC 44 7 KD Adams.. C.I.A. :iconstalindc:StalinDC 108 23
Jo: In Black & White. Surviving post apocalyptic America. From the series 'The Apocalypse of Jo'.

Josara: A Fairy... The Dragon's Queen. From the Series 'Pangia'.

Created by Ken. Pencils by Paul London, Colors by Mystic Oracle and Nick Law. New art by Osmar Shotgun, Martin Paz, and map by Stephen Garrett. Also some fantastic work by Oscar Celestini, JohnnyHaradrim, GANASSA, GAO23, and Giselle Ukardi. Check
them out! All characters are © COPYRIGHT Ken Cooper @ StalinDC. All rights reserved.


AM action :iconpdlondon:pdLondon 7 2 Captain of the Exeter :iconinspector97:Inspector97 42 15 USS Exeter's Doctor :iconinspector97:Inspector97 35 7 Mara by Martin Paz Romero :iconmartinpazromero:martinpazromero 50 7 Derelth :iconmartinpazromero:martinpazromero 96 12 Lt Com T'Var :iconinspector97:Inspector97 100 11 Lt. D'Angelo :iconinspector97:Inspector97 152 20 Lt. Nevis :iconinspector97:Inspector97 161 18 Lt Com Cooper :iconinspector97:Inspector97 116 18 Josara of the Exeter :iconinspector97:Inspector97 107 48
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.:Josara:. :iconboundprincess:BoundPrincess 20 17
Josara the fairy :iconfranarok:franarok 147 24 Lauren: Hot as Hell :iconaeolus06:Aeolus06 933 208 Dirty Diana of D and D :iconshonuff44:ShoNuff44 636 102
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Kayzee :icongreasystreet:greasystreet 83 32
Uhura :icondominic-marco:Dominic-Marco 1,963 111
A few of my Original Characters drawn by some great artists!




Savah.. Lounging in the Forests
Savah lounges in her favorite tree deep in the forests of Laeleens Tah Vorz on the northern Pangian continent. My OC by . During the 'Age of Conquest' when the Pangian Elves and their Fae allies swept into the northern continent to destroy the Orcs, Goblins, and Harpies, cleansing the lands of their evil forever. Savah and her sisters were born at the beginning of the age, daughters of Josara the Fairy and Kaylor the Dragon. Her parents had become legendary during the last age by recovering the lost 'Mystic Stones' and helped repel the 'Great Orc Invasion' .

Savah and her sisters grew up in Aidonnal. Spitting time between the capital city of Arrhale, which had been rebuilt, and their mother's homeland of Neerdeen in northeastern Aidonnal. Savah inherited her mother's power of healing and growing things as well as Josara's love of nature and ability to communicate with wildlife. She and her sisters had also inherited their father's ability to shape shift into a dragon as well as his intelligence and physical strength.

Mature Content

Savah and Bek... Spirit of the Forests! by StalinDC
 Savah and Bek... Spirit of the Forests! 

Jonica The Fairy.. Josara's sister
Josara's older sister Jonica the Fairy, friend of Queen Mika of Aidonnal frolics outside of the royal country palace. My OC by . Jonica had befriended Mika years ago before she ( Mika ) married King Belverus and became Queen of Aidonnal. Jonica left the Fae lands of Neerdeen to accompany her friend to the capital Arrhale in order to become a royal handmaiden. She would live in the forest just outside of the city and fly to the main palace each day to council her good friend. Jonica would also serve as midwife to the queen during all of Mika's pregnancies successfully delivering three children. Jonica would stay by her friend's side until the end. During the sack of Arrhale when the Orcs broke into the city, Mika ordered her friend to lead as many of the elves out of the doomed metropolis into the nearby Arrhale Mountains. Reluctantly Jonica did so, leaving her good friend to die with the King and their now adult children fighting the Orcs. 

Jonica would lead several hundred survivors through the tunnels beneath the city and out to the forests south of Arrhale. From there she guided them to the mountains then to the high pass of Caratan which led to the road south. Along that road Jonica would be reunited with her sister Josara and thousands of fleeing Aidonnali elves. 

Mature Content

Jonica the Fairy... Josara's older sister by StalinDC
 Jonica the Fairy... Josara's older sister 
Jo.. Spring Is Late
Jo adjusts her jeans as she heads out to the student center. Life was carefree before the apocalypse. My OC by colors by

Jo.. College Days.. by StalinDC  
Before the Dragon..
Before they became the famous 'Black Dragons', they were the 10th Auxiliary Cohort of the Aidonnali Legions. My OCs by . From left to right, Reenah, Tameris, and Kamara. They are in the brown leather armor of the auxiliary cohorts. These units are usually 500 strong and made up of Beaotian elves who serve as light infantry/archers. There are 15 auxiliary cohorts in the Aidonnali military assigned to each of the five legions and the navy. They also augment the urban watch regiments in the major Aidonnali cities.

Undefeated... The Black Dragons by StalinDC Undefeated... The Black Dragons 
Nathalie Emmanuel as Kayla Dragonshammer
Another dream casting... Nathalie Emmanuel as Kayla Dragonshammer. Daughter of Josara the Fairy and Kaylor the Dragon, Kayla would become ruler of Aidonnal. Nathalie Emmanuel from 'Game of Thrones' among other things, would be a fantastic Kayla..

Kayla and Josara.. Daughter and Mother by StalinDC Kayla and Josara.. Daughter and Mother 
Josara the Fairy and her Dragon
Josara rides atop Kaylor over the pastures of Haradrim on the way to Shamir, the capital which had been overrun by Orcs. The Haradrim elves had been nearly wiped out during the 'Great Orc Invasion' as their country was overrun. Some escaped into neighboring Baeotia, Khoi, and Monera but the majority died at the hands of the Orcs. Josara and the Aidonnali, with the help of the Baeotians and Haradrim survivors swept into the Meadowlands of Haradrim and attacked the Orcs, defeating them in several battles.

Kaylor had recovered from the deadly poisoning Mara had inflicted upon him and joined his love Josara during the Haradrim campaign. She rode him into the final battle of that campaign, in triumph.

Josara and Kaylor... Ash..Blood..Terror! by StalinDC Josara and Kaylor... Ash..Blood..Terror! 
Black Dragons... Attack!
Tameris leads her regiment into battle against the Orcs in central Haradrim. My OCs by After the 'Battle of the Three Rivers' and the re-taking of Bendlin Island, Josara led her host deeper into Haradrim in persuit of the remaining Orcs and Goblins. The Black Dragons managed to cut off the fleeing beasts north of the ruined Haradrim capital,  Shamir. They had hoped to reach the city where fifteen thousand of their brethren had overrun the defenses and wiped out the elvish inhabitants. But Tameris and the Black Dragons stopped them before they could reach safety.

The Regiment.. Black Dragons by StalinDC The Regiment.. Black Dragons 
Josara The Fairy and Kaylor The Black Dragon
Josara with the 'Dragon's Standard' and Kaylor in his true form.. My OCs by Kaylor made the 'Dragon Standard' for Josara as her personal military standard from luminous gold. The dragon would eventually become the sigil of her house, her personal guard, 

Josara and Kaylor... Ash..Blood..Terror! by StalinDC Josara and Kaylor... Ash..Blood..Terror! 
Josara, Kaylor and Nemesis.. To The Rescue!
Josara the Fairy, Kaylor the Dragon, and Nemesis Greencloak scale down a rock face. My OCs  by The trio have embarked on a mission to rescue elvish children kidnapped by a troop of goblins and carried off to the Arakan Mountains. These children were taken from some of the southern Baeotian elf tribes and the elvish kingdom of Khoi. The families of the children believe that the 'Free Folk' are responsible for the abductions and are planning to pursue them into the Arakan foothills. But when the children of Melchezedek and Andarra, the king and queen of Khoi were taken, all out war was declared. The king began to raise his army to sweep the Arakan and wipe out the 'Free Folk' once and for all. Queen Andarra however had a better idea. She left Khoi and traveled with a small routine to Obeyan, the home of the Fae Mages to consult with them over the crisis. She arrived a day before Josara and her companions did. The Mages persuaded Andarra to hire the trio to rescue the children in order to avert a war. They told the queen that the 'Free Folk' had not taken the children and if the armies swept into the mountains, they would not find the children alive. 

Thusly, Josara, Kaylor, and Nemesis set out not only to rescue these children, but to avert a costly war.

Josara... The Journey Begins! by StalinDC Josara... The Journey Begins! 


Ken Fitzgerald
United States

As you can see, I've started to build up this page. These are characters from the many stories and sagas I've created over the last 30 years. Pangia... The Apocalypse of Jo.... 29 Coffins..... Star Trek: Command Files... Hour of the Dragon.... Shades of Blue.. to name a few. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did creating them. All characters are copyrighted material.

I'd like to thank all of the brilliant artists who have done commissions on my requests. I hope that my visitors will check out the Deviant Art pages of these talented people.


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