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Josara.... The Fairy! by StalinDC
Mature content
Josara.... The Fairy! :iconstalindc:StalinDC 89 15
Janea... the Future Queen by StalinDC Janea... the Future Queen :iconstalindc:StalinDC 49 7 Josara doles out justice! by StalinDC Josara doles out justice! :iconstalindc:StalinDC 55 8 Josara and Kaylor..Good Morning Love by StalinDC
Mature content
Josara and Kaylor..Good Morning Love :iconstalindc:StalinDC 68 4
Hannah Simone as Lt Nevis by StalinDC Hannah Simone as Lt Nevis :iconstalindc:StalinDC 25 3 Royal Family of Khoi by StalinDC Royal Family of Khoi :iconstalindc:StalinDC 27 11 Jessica Lucas as Tameris by StalinDC Jessica Lucas as Tameris :iconstalindc:StalinDC 33 6 Fury and Flames! by StalinDC Fury and Flames! :iconstalindc:StalinDC 68 18 The Red Witch! by StalinDC
Mature content
The Red Witch! :iconstalindc:StalinDC 25 2
Idris Elba as Kaylor the Dragon by StalinDC Idris Elba as Kaylor the Dragon :iconstalindc:StalinDC 15 4 Shades of Blue..Shootout! by StalinDC Shades of Blue..Shootout! :iconstalindc:StalinDC 78 9 Janelle Monae as Josara The Fairy by StalinDC Janelle Monae as Josara The Fairy :iconstalindc:StalinDC 13 3 Martin Nightshade.. the King's Blade! by StalinDC Martin Nightshade.. the King's Blade! :iconstalindc:StalinDC 42 5 Ruth Negga as LtCmdr. T'Var by StalinDC Ruth Negga as LtCmdr. T'Var :iconstalindc:StalinDC 33 10 Kewab and Masami.. Pure Love! by StalinDC Kewab and Masami.. Pure Love! :iconstalindc:StalinDC 38 4 Michelle Rodriguez as Nemesis Greencloak by StalinDC Michelle Rodriguez as Nemesis Greencloak :iconstalindc:StalinDC 27 8
Jo: In Black & White. Surviving post apocalyptic America. From the series 'The Apocalypse of Jo'.

Josara: A Fairy... The Dragon's Queen. From the Series 'Pangia'.

Created by Ken. Pencils by Paul London, Colors by Mystic Oracle and Nick Law. New art by Osmar Shotgun, Martin Paz, and map by Stephen Garrett. Also some fantastic work by Oscar Celestini, JohnnyHaradrim, GANASSA, GAO23, and Giselle Ukardi. Check
them out! All characters are © COPYRIGHT Ken Cooper @ StalinDC. All rights reserved.


Another naturalist experience! by Sleevia Another naturalist experience! :iconsleevia:Sleevia 1,234 229 AM action by pdLondon AM action :iconpdlondon:pdLondon 9 2 Captain of the Exeter by Inspector97 Captain of the Exeter :iconinspector97:Inspector97 42 15 USS Exeter's Doctor by Inspector97 USS Exeter's Doctor :iconinspector97:Inspector97 35 7 Mara by Martin Paz Romero by martinpazromero Mara by Martin Paz Romero :iconmartinpazromero:martinpazromero 52 7 Derelth by martinpazromero Derelth :iconmartinpazromero:martinpazromero 98 12 Lt Com T'Var by Inspector97 Lt Com T'Var :iconinspector97:Inspector97 100 11 Lt. D'Angelo by Inspector97 Lt. D'Angelo :iconinspector97:Inspector97 154 20 Lt. Nevis by Inspector97 Lt. Nevis :iconinspector97:Inspector97 162 18 Lt Com Cooper by Inspector97 Lt Com Cooper :iconinspector97:Inspector97 116 18 Josara of the Exeter by Inspector97 Josara of the Exeter :iconinspector97:Inspector97 107 48 .:Josara:. by BoundPrincess
Mature content
.:Josara:. :iconboundprincess:BoundPrincess 20 17
Josara the fairy by franarok Josara the fairy :iconfranarok:franarok 148 24 Lauren: Hot as Hell by Aeolus06 Lauren: Hot as Hell :iconaeolus06:Aeolus06 940 208 Dirty Diana of D and D by ShoNuff44 Dirty Diana of D and D :iconshonuff44:ShoNuff44 636 102 Kayzee by greasystreet
Mature content
Kayzee :icongreasystreet:greasystreet 83 32
A few of my Original Characters drawn by some great artists!




Josara.... The Fairy!
Josara the Fairy as she appeared early in the saga of Pangia. My OC by . Josara was a woodland fae from Neerdeen in northeastern Aidonnal. Her people settled there five thousand years ago after being driven out of their homeland of Layleens Tah Vorz across the Arrantes River by the Orcs. Josara came from an average sized fae family and like the members of her species, she was endowed with mystical powers.

Josara would embark on an adventure that would change her life and the history of her world. With her dragon lover Kaylor, she would battle the minions of darkness and face down the 'Evil One'...

Josara... With Dragon's Light.. Finished by StalinDC Josara... With Dragon's Light.. Finished 
Janea... the Future Queen
Janea the third daughter of Josara the Fairy and Kaylor the Dragon. My OC by . She would marry King Varus of Monera.

Janea... Dragon's Daughter by StalinDC Janea... Dragon's Daughter 
Josara doles out justice!
After the battle of 'The Three Rivers' Josara meets out summary justice on the Orc commander Sung. My OCs by . This Orc had earlier enjoyed flaying alive innocent Haradrim elves captives. Sung's horde had been exceptionally brutal during their invasion of Haradrim and Josara's army witnessed evidence of this when they crossed into Haradrim. So enraged by Orc savagery, her troops over threw the Orc ranks shattering their lines in two places. Kaylor the Black Dragon incenerated the Orc flanks and reserves, causing a complete route. Sung and about forty Orcs were taken alive and dragged before Josara who passed judgement upon them, death!

Josara then carried out the sentence herself, beheading Sung and his followers. She believed that when you condemn someone to death, you must swing the sword yourself. Thus she showed her entire army that she was strong and just.

Dragged before the Conqueror...Josara! by StalinDC Dragged before the Conqueror...Josara! 
Josara and Kaylor..Good Morning Love
After a night of love making, Josara the Fairy greets her lover Kaylor the Dragon as the sun rises. My OCs by The couple spent their first night in the newly renovated Aidonnali Royal Palace in Arrhale, more than a year after that city was liberated from the Orcs.

Josara and Kaylor.. Conquest by StalinDC Josara and Kaylor.. Conquest 
Hannah Simone as Lt Nevis
Lovely Hannah Simone co-star of  'New Girl' would definitely make a great Lt. Nevis, helmsman of the U.S.S. Exeter.

Lieutenant Nevis U.S.S. EXETER by StalinDC Lieutenant Nevis U.S.S. EXETER 
Royal Family of Khoi
Khoi's royal family, King Melchizedek and Queen Andarra with Prince Serran and Princess Nalya. My OCs by . This happy moment was before goblins, disguised as 'Free Folk', kidnapped the children and carried them off to the Arakan Mountains. Melchizedek, enraged, called up his troops and prepared to sweep into those untamed lands and lay waste to the 'Free Folk'. Andarra, accompanied by a small routine of handmaidens, traveled to Obeyan in order to consult with the fae mages. They would be able to use their mystic powers to locate the children. The king gave her his blessing to do that but also gave her a deadline. He and the army will invade in three weeks. 

It was while on this mission Andarra encountered Josara, Kaylor, and Nemesis. Following the advise of Senek the Fae Master Mage, Andarra hired Josara and her companions to rescue the children. Thus beginning a harrowing adventure. 

Melchizedek and Andarra....Magic! by StalinDC Melchizedek and Andarra....Magic! 
Jessica Lucas as Tameris
Jessica Lucas is a bad ass on GOTHAM. She would make an awesome Tameris!
Fury and Flames!
Josara and her Black Dragons battle Orcs along with Kaylor the Dragon. My OCs by The elves of Aidonnal, now lead by Josara the Fairy and her dragon Kaylor, struck back at the invading Orcs and their allies. After eliminating the Orc threat in Aidonnal, retaking Arrhale and avenging the deaths of thousands, Josara lead her armies across the border into Haradrim to strike the marauding Orcs and Goblins who had overran that elven kingdom.

Dragged before the Conqueror...Josara! by StalinDC Dragged before the Conqueror...Josara! 
The Red Witch!
Mara indulges herself by torturing a female elf captive during the sack of Arrhale. My OC by If Mara The Red Witch had one weakness, it was her love of inflicting pain on others. She had her Orc warriors bring her captive elves to torture during and after the attack on the city. More than a thousand elves died at her hands. Mara also drained the life force from these helpless captives.

Mature Content

Mara the Red Witch.. Hell in Arrhale! by StalinDC
 Mara the Red Witch.. Hell in Arrhale! 


Ken Fitzgerald
United States

As you can see, I've started to build up this page. These are characters from the many stories and sagas I've created over the last 30 years. Pangia... The Apocalypse of Jo.... 29 Coffins..... Star Trek: Command Files... Hour of the Dragon.... Shades of Blue.. to name a few. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did creating them. All characters are copyrighted material.

I'd like to thank all of the brilliant artists who have done commissions on my requests. I hope that my visitors will check out the Deviant Art pages of these talented people.


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