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Jo: In Black & White. Surviving post apocalyptic America. From the series 'The Apocalypse of Jo'.

Josara: A Fairy... The Dragon's Queen. From the Series 'Pangia'.

Created by Ken. Pencils by Paul London, Colors by Mystic Oracle and Nick Law. New art by Osmar Shotgun, Martin Paz, and map by Stephen Garrett. Also some fantastic work by Oscar Celestini, JohnnyHaradrim, GANASSA, GAO23, and Giselle Ukardi. Check
them out! All characters are © COPYRIGHT Ken Cooper @ StalinDC. All rights reserved.


A few of my Original Characters drawn by some great artists!




LtCmdr. T'Var... Science Officer
Lieutenant Commander T'Var of Vulcan, science officer of the U.S.S. EXETER. My OC by She is from a noble family who traces their line back to ancient Vulcan kings. She is the youngest child of four who joined Starfleet after graduating from the Vulcan Academy of Sciences and serving as an instructor on the Martian Colonies. She served with Captain Lynch aboard the U.S.S. Ontario before transferring along with other crew members to the EXETER when he assumed command. She is a highly decorated officer receiving medals for bravery, science and tactics.

She has developed friendships with several command crewmembers including the captain. She has become close with Lt. Nevis and LtCmdr. Cooper. As for a personal relationship, she is mum on the subject.

We must plan carefully... by StalinDC We must plan carefully... 
Nepthys vs Ahkivasha.. Revenge!
Nepthys finally confronts her father's consort and murderer Ahkivasha..  My OCs The moment of truth had been many months in coming. The King of Petah was dead, murdered mysteriously along with the king and queen of Koshan on the eve of delecate peace talks between the two elvish nations. Princess Nepthys was away, suprevising the construction of the Temple of El at the Great Pyramid Complex in northern Petah. After her father's death, she was ambushed by Orcs while travelling to the capital to take the throne and bury the king. Assumed dead, her younger brother Kewab, who was in Koshan was proclaimed king. However, he was badly wounded fighting off assassins attempting to kill the Koshani crown princess Masami the night after her parents' murder.

Nepthys was found clinging to life in the bottom of a gorge by Josara, Kaylor and Nemesis. They rescued her and nursed her back to health. In the meantime, Ahkivasha the' Royal Consort' took power as 'Regent'. She iimmediately declaired martial law and surrounded the captial with Machan mercenaries who had been brought into the country to augment the Petahan army by the king. Their leaders had been seduced by her and they pledged loyalty to her. She bribed the soldiers, and bullied the nobles to seize power..

After months of planning, and recruiting loyalists Nepthys, with the aid of Josara, Kaylor, and especially Nemesis led an assault on the palace to confront the usurper.  She battled Ahkivasha for the fate of Petah.

Ahkivasha would prove to be a formidable foe and not who or what she appeared to be.

Princess Nepthys of Petah by StalinDC   Princess Nepthys
Cave Ogre! The Black Dragons!
In the caves beneath Ft. Bendlin, Reenah battles a cave Ogre discovered unexpectedly. My OCs by Tameris her sister, and her cousin Kamara rush to the rescue. Tameris swings 'Onyx' in a deadly arch to split the Ogre's skull down to the jaw.

Undefeated... The Black Dragons by StalinDC Undefeated... The Black Dragons 
Tameris.. Head Hunting!
Tameris examines the head of a Orc she's just taken off during the battle of Ft. Bendlin. My OC by The re-taking of the Haradrim fort was pivotal in freeing up the western end of the Arrantes River.  All of the river islands were now free of Orcs.

Mature Content

Black Dragons.. Butcher's Bill! by StalinDC
 Black Dragons.. Butcher's Bill! 
Kayla... The Dragon's Hammer!
Future queen Kayla, the 'Dragon's Hammer' or Dragonshammer battles a harpy in the skies above Laeleens Tah Vorz. My OC by In the future, Kayla, Josara and Kaylor's eldest daughter would lead the Aidonnali armies on campaign across the Arrantes River in the northern continent of Dark Tsathogua against the Orcs. The western part was once the ancient fae homeland of Laeleens Tah Vorz. During the 'War of the Sunrise' when the elven kingdoms drove the Orc and Goblin invaders back across the Arrantes leading to the final defeat of the 'Evil One', Josara had crossed the river with a host of warriors and liberated Laeleens Tah Vorz. 

The war to cleanse the northern continent of the remaining Orcs, Goblins, and Harpys would take decades. Kayla and her siblings would be born, grow up, and eventually fight in that war. Kayla and Josia would earn warrior monikers during this period. Josia would be called 'Dragonsclaw' and Kayla would be called 'Dragonshammer'. They would wield weapons of those names.

Kayla... Daughter of the Dragon by StalinDC Kayla... Daughter of the Dragon 
Josara, Kaylor, and Nemesis arrive at the half mythical land of Alkebulon the ancient homeland of the Pangian Elves. My creations by

Map of PANGIA by StalinDC Map of PANGIA 
Mara the Red Witch.. Hell in Arrhale!
After the sack of Arrhale, Mara the Red Witch got right to work torturing Aidonnali elf prisoners. My OC by She sacrificed thousands of captives in blood rituals to the 'Dark One'.

Mara... The Red Witch by StalinDC Mara... The Red Witch 
Varus.. King of Monera
Varus is ruler of the warlike elvish kingdom of Monera. He is the most prolific warrior of the age. My OC by The Moneran elves fight interminable wars not only with the Orcs and Goblins, but also with other elvish kingdoms. The Monerans were among the first elf tribes to reach the Arrantes from Alkebulon ages ago and immediately fought the Orcs for the lands they now inhabit. 

Varus is vicious warrior who takes pleasure in battle. He is known for his prowess in combat and his cruelty. He enjoys impaling Orcs and mutilating their corpses to strike fear in their dark hearts. On the Iron Cliffs in the northwestern corner of his kingdom directly facing the Orc lands beyond the Arrantes River, he had three thousand Orcs and Goblins impaled and left to rot as a warning to their kin across the river.
Varus is a cold, unfeeling elf. He is one of the few elves who made Josara's blood turn cold when she met him.
Tameris..Of The Black Dragons
She's is friend and bodyguard of Josara the Fairy later in the saga. Commander of the 'Black Dragons' regiment. My OC by Tameris is a Baeotian elf from the primeval forest land of Baeotia to the southeast of Aidonnal. She is a warrior who enjoys music, drinking as well as fighting Orcs. She is skilled in use of the bow, sword and spear. However, her favorite weapon is a two handed battle mace she has nicknamed 'Onyx'.

Who dies next? Tameris up close... by StalinDC Tameris.. Who dies next?
Zephyr.. Queen of the Seas
Bermurees pirate captain Zephyr known as the 'Queen of the Seas' because of her prowess as a sailor and warrior. My OC by

Zephyr... Pirate of the Bermurees Isles by StalinDC Zephyr... Pirate of the Bermurees Isles  


Ken Fitzgerald
United States

As you can see, I've started to build up this page. These are characters from the many stories and sagas I've created over the last 30 years. Pangia... The Apocalypse of Jo.... 29 Coffins..... Star Trek: Command Files... Hour of the Dragon.... Shades of Blue.. to name a few. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did creating them. All characters are copyrighted material.

I'd like to thank all of the brilliant artists who have done commissions on my requests. I hope that my visitors will check out the Deviant Art pages of these talented people.


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